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Image by Francesca Hotchin

The Wolfsin SEAL is a sub compact analogue radio at only 102.5mm high with an OLED screen offering 4 lines of text and multiple information icons. Crammed full of features including NR Noise Reduction and Compander for brilliant clear audio over greater distances. The SEAL has a highly sensitive and stable receiver able to operate efficiently at -122dB or better, hence the SEAL really will go further. For more information click the EYEBALL below.*

500 CHANNELS. Able to offer 100, 000 plus channel - coding combinations and can come pre-programmed and able to channel match every make and model of PMR446 radio.

VHF,    UHF,   PMR446

 WOLFSIN SEAL        T1, T4, T4P.

1000mW AUDIO, giving loud clear audio for every environment

IP67 WATER PROOF, tested in the UK. 1M for 30 minutes, 0.5M for 1 hour. Mil Spec 810 C, D, E, F & G.

"NR" NOISE REDUCTION & "C+" ADVANCED COMPANDER. Louder, clearer audio with less hiss right upto the last metre or two. We call it NDR as the SEAL can give near digital radio audio performance throughout more than 97.5% of its RF range

BLUE FLASHING FIND ME TOP LED &  TORCH FUNCTION. Irrespective of whether the SEAL is being used for skiing or mountaineering, used commercially for retail, leisure or security activities or for simple family camping users will find the "find me" blue flashing LED can be seen from 100 feet away in the dark and the standard in built torch is a handy addition to any expedition.

OLED SCREEN AND BACKLIT KEY PAD makes using the SEAL in the dark easy and safe.


Since 1964

The Wolfsin SEAL's RF performance in all our PMR446 tests was remarkable, outperforming by a considerable margin ALL of other IP67 PMR446 radios we tested. The SEAL surpassed our greatest expectations. Now available in Business Light versions covering all UHF and VHF channesl/frequencies

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