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The Wolfsin Ethos and Brand.


Wolfsin two way radio products cover both DMR digital and now in typically Wolfsin fashion a new range DMR digital HUSKY radio will be available in 2024, go to for glimpse of this extraordinarily brilliant digital radio.

Again as usual with Wolfsin their new analogue are also brilliant and in general the new analogue radio(s) are all NDR in design and execution, this means Near Digital Radio. What this means in the real world is exceptional audio quality, exceptional over the ground RF coverage often as good as or even better than some digital radios costing two, three or even four times as much and unlike many digital radios all Wolfsin analogue radios are fully serviceable and repairable at a reasonable cost. 

These new analogue products are so good that Wolfsin is launching no fewer than five (5) new models, from the new PMR-446 Wilderness range through to the quite literally range topping K range and the GOOD NEWS is that the K range will be available in DMR digital also.. 

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