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Image by Francesca Hotchin


The new for 2024 Wolfsin GRIZZLY now comes in two versions, the standard 1600mAh Lithium Polymer battery version and "LR" version with a substantial 2600mAH lithium Polymer battery. New colour coordinated badging with the new Siberian Husky reinforces the Wolfsin family of DMR digital two way hand portables.


STRONGER - With a higher grade of polycarbonate material and cabinet walls that are 5% thicker then the previous model the NEW 2024 GRIZZLY is not only stronger to MIL Spec 810 G but more Rugged.

RUGGEDER - Curved areas to help ward of drops, blows and scrapes, a lower profiled on/off switch and twin function button combined with thicker case plastics means the GRIZZLY is not only more rugged but is also louder.

LOUDER - now with a higher quality, larger, water resistant speaker cone the GRIZZLY is not only 5% louder but even more waterproof.

RESISTIVE - Thicker seals and targeted internal sealant slightly increases the overall resistance to water & liquid ingress to IP67 over the previous 2023 GRIZZLY  model. Not only does the 2024 GRIZZLY resist water & liquid better but the new optional 2600mAh battery and charger substantially increases battery operational duration to a full 24 hours on a 5/5/90 duty cycle..

LONGER - A new curvy battery design along with an easy off locking mechanism helps with day to day handling of the GRIZZLY and makes changing batteries, even with cold hands, easy. Higher quality cells and better battery management means that the new 2600mAh battery pack gives up to 24 hours of use on 5/5/90 duty cycle

BETTER - DMR standard 1 and 11, 1024 channels over 64 zones, Up to 3 lines of text and information icons, multiple voice announce, 10-24 hours of operation on a 5/5/90% duty cycle, high visibility yellow safety sleeve available, enhanced ergonomics for ease of handling and use. Please click on the brochure link below for full details.



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