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The Wolfsin analogue HUSKY was first developed in the UK then developed further by our New Zealand partners, where it was refined and improved to become an exceptionally reliable analogue radio. Redeveloped into six colour schemes for the relaunch into the UK market area the analogue Husky was designed to once again help users instantly recognise their own individual issue radio in the fight against Covid 19


The original analogue Wolfsin HUSKY  in its third year of production and  redeveloped into six different coloured dual pressed tough commercial grade bodies, tough to IP54 and MIL Spec G.

The HUSKY is offered in  PMR446, Business Lite and full licence formats. Programmable with up to 199 channels and able to match any model of analogue PMR446 radio. Supplied with a 1500 Mah battery the PMR446 version of the HUSKY gives a 20 hour plus duty cycle.



Exceptional looks, exceptional value

The analogue HUSKY licenced models in VHF and UHF are commercial grade hand portables that come supplied in any one of six colours. Organisations can mix and match colours to help ensure that employees DO NOT mix and match their radios thereby decreasing the chances of Covid 19 spread and reinfection.

Licensed models come with a 2000 Mah lithium Ion battery giving a solid 12 hour or more duty cycle on full power.

Loud clear audio is ensured through a 500mW speaker at only 8 ohms, as loud as radios with double the "MW" rating. With a back lit blue LED indication in the radio case body and audio annunciation for channel selection the HUSKY is easy to operate and use. 

The Husky PMR446 radio is no cut down plastic toy, it is a serious commercial grade radio and is particularly well received as the Covid safe radio of choice for larger concerns using any number of radios as the HUSKY offers an unparalleled level of ease of user/group visual identification.

All Wolfsin radios are "Born Tough to Work Hard".