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Who are we and what can we do?

Tacticom Radio Systems along with our sister company Plymouth Telecom Services have been designing and servicing two way radio systems since 1964. For instance we designed and manufactured one of the first first yacht/boat alarm systems using PMR repeaters, then the "VIRAD" single frame CCTV video pictures over PMR repeaters (in the 90s) and the D-COM paging systems linked to fire alarm systems so as to offer vibration pager alerts to poor of hearing or deaf persons using public buildings,so we know a little bit about integration.

Around 2001 we were approached by the HYT (now HYTERA) distributor at that time to sell the HYT TC268 & 368 PMR portable, as usual with TACTICOM we took the radio apart for testing and inspection of the PCB and quality of manufacture, it looked really top notch but awfully familiar!! Further research by TACTICOM discovered that the HYT TC368 was a replica of the Kenwood TK361 SRBR. We advised the distributor and were typically ignored until a few months later when HYT was successfully sued in the High Court by Kenwood and the TC268/368 was forcibly removed from the UK market. A new distributor was appointed by HYT in early 2003 and a new TC265/365 was launched and we were instrumental in developing the HYT brand in those early days. HYT were not innovators then, rather they were copiers and their products borrowed much from their competitors. Much has changed in the proceeding 20 years and HYT(ERA) have came a long way, although Motorola may have something to say on that matter, Tacticom only uses certain HYTERA products for Systems Integration purposes.  

In 2004 we co-developed the REXON RL328 MK1 and MK2, during our 9 year involvement with Rexontec of Taiwan we instructed and oversaw dozen of improvements to the RL328 which saw that radio remain on sale until 2019. Indeed versions of the RL328 remain on sale in other parts of the world today.


We worked with E-Tech of Korea from 2008 until 2014/15, The IP series was superbly designed, ahead of its time PMR radio which had already been adopted and re-badged (OEM) by well known radio manufacturers and distributors in the UK and USA. We made structural improvement to the case/shell improving toughness and  longevity of the brand


The New Wolfsin SEAL has swam ashore! IP67, MIL SPEC G. Superb better than -122dB receiver combined with digital noise reduction and compander enable the SEAL to GO FURTHER & Last LONGER!

What's New


We have adopted and now distribute the JPS Range of Gateways and associated equipment.


We have supplied 100s if not 1000s of two way radio systems to major blue chip organisations, councils, the NHS, some government agencies, large to small manufacturing companies, service companies. Security companies of all sizes and hues, outdoor parks, caravan sites, construction sites, shopping centres etc. The list is extensive with too many organisations to list (or to show their logo's). We can work with and supply any make and model of two way radio, Hytera, Motorola, Kenwood etc BUT we prefer working with suppliers and manufactures of two way radio systems who actually listen to and act on what we say! (see HYT in 2002 above).  


Please check News & Updates for latest contact details*.


1 Eggbuckland Keep, Fort Austin Avenue,

Crown Hill, Plymouth,Devon, England, PL6 5NX*

T: 01752 777787 M:07708 971839 M2:07827 898000


Also located in Glasgow and Inverness.

272 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland G2 4JR.

T: 0141 353 9456 M:07708 971839 M2:07827 898000

Ballindarroch House, The Steadings, Scaniport, Inverness, Scotland, IV2 6EL.

T: 01463 751332 M:07708 971839 M2:07827 898000OUR


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Our telephone numbers are changing! We are going full fibre for greater integration to our radio systems. All our mobile numbers remain in service. VOIP numbers will be operational in early 2024

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